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“Friends of PERTIWI” are dedicated volunteers who are given this special category of recognition by PERTIWI for their active participation and significant contribution towards achieving the objectives of the community projects which have been started by PERTIWI.


While PERTIWI membership is open for Muslim women only, the “Friends of PERTIWI” status is given to volunteers, irrespective of race or gender, who have worked dedicatedly with PERTIWI towards achieving its community goals.

Projects which have attracted such a core team of committed volunteers include PERTIWI Soup Kitchen and PERTIWI Health Services. “Friends of PERTIWI” continue to serve the community with kindness, commitment, care and compassion. With their support, PERTIWI is able to reach out to the larger community to address various issues and needs. It is only by working together consistently that we can do more to help others.

Any PERTIWI member can nominate committed volunteers for this category of recognition. A description of the volunteer’s active participation in any PERTIWI project must be submitted to the Majlis for consideration and approval. Once the nomination has been approved, a letter to confirm the volunteer’s status in the category of “Friends of PERTIWI” will be sent to the volunteer.

There will be no fees due from “Friends of PERTIWI”. It is an honorary status acknowledged by PERTIWI in appreciation of the volunteer’s dedication and commitment.

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