PERTIWI: A Charitable Organisation Committed To Empowering Marginalized Communities 


1How can the public support this initiative?
Financial contributions and volunteering.
Financial Contributions: The public or corporations can contribute by donating funds to cover the cost of meals provided.
Donations can be made to 'PERTIWI' through RHB Account Number 2-14035-10201591.
Volunteer: Volunteering by helping another person is a rewarding experience. If you are able to contribute your time on a regular basis, even once a month, you can become our regular volunteer.
Spread the Word: You can also support us by sharing information about PERTIWI Soup Kitchen and its initiatives with your friends, family, and community.
2Can I donate in kind instead?
Yes, we also accept the following:
Foodstuffs, e.g., buns, biscuits, cakes, chocolate wafers, packet drinks, mineral water, coffee, tea, sugar, rose syrup, noodles, rice, eggs or cooking oil.
Disability aids, e.g., crutches, slings, or bandages.
Comfort items, e.g., tiger balm, eucalyptus oil, gamat balm, muscular balm, or balsam balm.
3Are the donations tax exempt?
All financial contributions made to PERTIWI Soup Kitchen are tax exempt pursuant to Section 44(6) of the Income Tax Act 1967.
However, donations in kind are not tax exempt.


1How can I volunteer?
Fill out the booking form by providing your name and contact details.
Volunteering opportunities are available on specific days and are subject to slot availability. Please book according to the available calendar.
2Where and when are the volunteering location and timing?
Restoran Al Mubarak, located at No 21, Jalan Medan Tuanku, 50300 Kuala Lumpur.
After booking your slot, please ensure you arrive at the restaurant by 10.30 am for lunch preparation and by 4.30 pm for dinner preparation on the confirmed day.
3Can I cancel after I have booked a slot?
Yes, you can cancel your booking
4What are the volunteering responsibilities on location?
Packing food and distributing meals to those in need.
5Are there any age restrictions for volunteering?
No, there is no age restrictions.
While there are no strict age restrictions, certain volunteering activities may have age limitations for safety reasons. Please consult with our team for more details.
6Are there any preparation sessions for volunteers?
Yes, we have.
We will provide a briefing session for our volunteers to familiarise them with our operations, guidelines, and procedures. These sessions ensure that volunteers are well-prepared for their roles
7How can I become a regular volunteer?
Yes, you can be a one-time volunteer or a regular volunteer.
To become a regular volunteer, please express your interest to our team, and we will include you into our regular volunteering schedule.
8Can employees of a company or organisation volunteer?
Yes, definitely.
We welcome employees of companies or organisations to volunteer as part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives.
9Can I volunteer with a group of friends or colleagues?
Can I volunteer with a group of friends or colleagues?
You can volunteer with a group of friends or colleagues. We encourage group participation as it promotes teamwork and community engagement. For each session, we recommend a maximum number of 6 volunteers from your group. If your group exceeds this number, the remaining volunteers can participate in additional preparation, such as making sandwiches, rojak buah, etc. We will create tasks for you which you will enjoy.
10Do I have to be a member of PERTIWI to volunteer?
No, you do not have to be a member to volunteer.
We welcome individuals from all backgrounds who are willing to contribute their time and effort.


1What is a soup kitchen?
A soup kitchen is a place where food is offered to the poor for free. They are usually located in lower-income neighbourhoods, staffed by volunteers and supported by donations. PERTIWI Soup Kitchen, in collaboration with Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) and other agencies, is a soup kitchen service distributing food at certain locations to those who are in need.
2What does PERTIWI Soup Kitchen hope to achieve?
PERTIWI Soup Kitchen provides a humanitarian food-aid service to the homeless and poor irrespective of race or religion. We aim to interact with various poverty-stricken inner-city communities regularly and provide additional support to those who are ready to become more independent. Our weekly Sunday medical service, under PERTIWI Health Services, helps those seeking basic health treatments for common ailments. By implementing our initiatives, we strive to raise awareness of the challenges faced by the poor, inspiring broader community action and fostering a more compassionate society.
3What does the PERTIWI Soup Kitchen logo represent?
The logo features a sage leaf on a purple background. Interestingly, the Latin word for 'sage' is 'salvia', which means 'to heal'. Sage also symbolises a wise person with good judgement. The purple colour represents spiritual fulfilment, good judgement, and peace of mind, while green represents hope, peace, and the environment. The oval egg shape represents fertility, abundance, and a new start.


1Where does PERTIWI Soup Kitchen operate from?
Currently, our food distribution service operates at Pusat Khidmat Gelandangan Medan Tuanku (PKGMT) and Pusat Pembelajaran Komuniti Chow Kit (PPKCK).
2What are the schedules of PERTIWI Soup Kitchen?
Lunch service: 12.00 pm daily, alternating between PKGMT and PPKCK
Dinner service: 6.30 pm every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at PKGMT
Please take note that we do not provide dinner service on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays because these slots are given to other fellow NGOs
3How many people does PERTIWI Soup Kitchen serve each day?
We are currently providing between 350 to 850 meals each day. During lunchtime, we provide between 250 to 350 meals on a daily basis. Some meals are dropped off at shelters or other NGOs and the distribution is handled by their own teams.
4What types of meals are provided?
Typically, we provide nutritious meals consisting of rice, one protein dish (either fish, chicken, mutton or prawns), one vegetable dish, and a drink.
5How will these meals be served?
The meals will be served as pre-packaged meals. We also provide cold drinks in paper cups.