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Pickup for PERTIWI Soup Kitchen

TIMELY PROVISION: BRDB’s contribution fills need based on growing demand

KUALA LUMPUR: AS part of its corporate social responsibility, Bandar Raya Developments Bhd (BRDB) recently contributed a brand-new Toyota Hilux pickup truck to the Pertubuhan Tindakan Wanita Islam (PERTIWI) Soup Kitchen.

The truck was painted in PERTIWI Soup Kitchen’s colours and also featured its logo.

The Toyota Hilux was officially handed over to PERTIWI vice-president Tan Sri Rafiah Salim by BRDB chairman, Datuk Mohamed Moiz J.M. Ali Moiz.

Some BRDB staff members who were regular volunteers in the soup kitchen had seen the need for a second vehicle based on growing demand.

PERTIWI Soup Kitchen’s first vehicle was donated by the Rotary Club.

“The need has arisen as we also give out medical assistance to the homeless on the streets. Up to now, we have been using our volunteers’ cars, but it is much easier with one specific vehicle,” said PERTIWI founder, Munirah Abdul Hamid.

With the Hilux, PERTIWI Soup Kitchen volunteers, including 16 from BRDB, set out to Petaling Street and Kotaraya areas to hand out breakfast provided by HSBC to about 600 homeless people there.

“Dry breakfast items like bread, biscuits and 3-in-1 drink sachets can be kept longer,” said Munirah, who added that the homeless enjoyed syrup drinks the most as these give them energy throughout the day.

If there were any left, the items would then be distributed around the Masjid India area. Munirah said a vehicle like the Hilux would also be helpful in delivering bottles of water to various locations.

“Our cars would normally be packed with bottled water that we would set up at stations for people to refill their water bottles.”

Besides bringing doctors on their rounds twice a week, the soup kitchen’s other volunteers come from all races and walks of life.

“We once had three busloads of college students volunteering so we had them carry out different duties, from food packing to cleaning up.”

Source: http://www.nst.com.my/streets/central/pickup-for-pertiwi-soup-kitchen-1.203725

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