Here, we celebrate the journey of PERTIWI and the significant achievements we’ve made along the way. Each milestone represents a step forward in our mission to address the welfare and needs of women and children in Malaysia.
  • 1967 Establishment

    Pertubuhan Tindakan Wanita Islam (PERTIWI) was registered on 22 September 1967
  • 1973Fundraising Event

    PERTIWI introduced the Toh Puan Rahah Golf Tournament
  • 1976 Education Fund

    PERTIWI started the Children’s Education Fund Project
  • 1980Scholarship Fund

    PERTIWI introduced the SPK-PERTIWI Scholarship Fund
  • 1981Tadika PERTIWI

    PERTIWI started Tadika PERTIWI Project at Kelana Jaya
  • 1982Recreation Centre

    PERTIWI started PERTIWI Recreation Centre for Children
  • 1983Tasoka Centre

    PERTIWI started the PERTIWI Tasoka Centre at SS3 Taman Subang, Petaling Jaya
  • 1985Healthcare Facility

    PERTIWI introduced Klinik Sehari
  • 1987Anti-Drug Division

    PERTIWI submitted a memorandum to the Anti-Drug Division
  • 1989Commonwealth Events

    PERTIWI children were invited to perform for the Commonwealth Heads of State and their wives
  • 2000Tuition Classes

    PERTIWI introduced Tuition Classes Project
  • 2010Soup Kitchen project

    On March 11, PERTIWI Soup Kitchen project was launched

These milestones are not just markers of our past, but stepping stones to our future. They remind us of our journey, the challenges we’ve overcome, and the impact we’ve made. But more importantly, they inspire us to continue working towards a better future. Join us as we look back on these milestones and look forward to many more

  • 1983 – PERTIWI menerbitkan buku Biografi Wanita Malaysia
  • 1992 – PERTIWI menerbitkan buku Didik Wanita Terdidiklah Bangsa, sempena Ulangtahun PERTIWI yang ke 25
  • 2004 – PERTIWI menerbitkan Biografi Tokoh Wanita Malaysia
  • 2007 – PERTIWI menerbitkan buku PERTIWI: Sebuah Perjuangan