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A Beacon of Hope

Remember what it was like as a kid, to be carefree and joyful, with loving families, a full belly and a peaceful home? The closed group of children under the ambit of Kasih PERTIWI have not been as fortunate to enjoy some of these simple luxuries.

A few of the children were abandoned as infants by parents who were afflicted by the same disease, and who were too ill to care for their offspring. Others were shunned by their family members due to the stigma associated with the disease. Some were even abandoned by the roadside – branded for life with a disease which many people in this enlightened day and age still do not understand.

None of them had caused their own circumstances.

Kasih PERTIWI stands under the auspices of PERTIWI, with continuous assistance from Hong Leong Islamic Bank (“HLISB”).

On the ground, Madam Wan Hava, or Mak Wan as she is affectionately known, has been mother, father, teacher, counsellor and friend to these children for many years. As legal guardian to the kids, a role that she had willingly assumed, she is the only family they have and she has dedicated her life to ensuring these children are given the love, affection and protection they need.

With the help of PERTIWI and HLISB, Mak Wan continues despite her advanced years, to pour her efforts into taking care of these children. Today, we ask you to join us in helping Mak Wan make the world a little brighter for them; join us in giving hope to the children of Kasih PERTIWI.

Cash Donations

Kasih PERTIWI relies on donations for day to day living expenses and as such, cash donations should be made to:

Account Name : PERTIWI
Account Number : 42101002307 (Hong Leong Islamic Bank)

(Please email bank-in slips as well as donor details to kasihpertiwi2015@gmail.com for the generation of tax exempt receipts by PERTIWI)

Donations in Kind

If you wish to donate in kind, a steady supply of the following items would do the home a world of good:

  • Rice
  • Sugar
  • Milo, milk powder and canned milk
  • Fresh meat, fish and produce
  • Other sundry goods
  • Personal care products


The children would benefit from having short excursions or day trips, and Kasih PERTIWI welcomes for such activities being organised by interested parties.

Want to know more?

For further information, please email us at kasihpertiwi2015@gmail.com or alternatively you may contact Munirah Hamid at +6012 236 3639.

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