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School Aid

The objective of this project is to aid primary and secondary students who have shown academic potential but lack the financial means. Financial assistance is therefore provided to the identified students, channelled through their respective schools. Since its launch in 1967, this project has helped as many as 1,863 primary and secondary school students. The financial assistance provided is RM40.00 per month for primary school students and RM60.00 per month for secondary school students.

How The Project is Managed

  • PERTIWI collaborates with identified schools
  • Funds are deposited into the student’s BSN account twice a year
  • All transactions are handled by PERTIWI
  • Foster parents may select a foster child from PERTIWI’s roster of students or they may identify the child they plan to foster on their own
  • A progress report on the student’s examination results will be given to the foster parents from time to time
  • The foster children do not live with their foster parents, but in their own homes, with their own families. The foster parents are, however, given the option of getting in touch and communicating with the students, if they wish to do so.

Education Fund

Since its launch on 14 November 2011, the PERTIWI Education Fund has received contributions from philanthropists in the Klang Valley area. It was due to these generous contributions that made it possible for PERTIWI to carry out the ‘School Uniform’ programme on 24 November 2012. Under this programme, identified primary and secondary school students from the Klang Valley area received vouchers worth RM100.00 for their school uniforms and shoes purchases.

The students selected to receive the vouchers were from the Loving Home Care Centre (Pusat Jagaan Rumah Kesayangan) in Petaling Jaya, the Seri Pantai Secondary School in Kuala Lumpur, and students from Puchong and Gombak.

foster child project

Orphans from the Loving Home Care Centre (Pusat Jagaan Rumah Kesayangan), Petaling Jaya, recipients of the PERTIWI Education Fund

foster child project

The presentation ceremony of the vouchers for school uniform and equipment to the Seri Pantai Secondary School students in Kuala Lumpur

The Braille Quran Donation Drive

It was also through PERTIWI’s Education Fund that PERTIWI collaborated with the Malaysian Association for the Islamic Blind Persons (Persatuan Orang Cacat Penglihatan Islam Malaysia (PERTIS)) to raise funds to purchase Braille Qurans. These Qurans were then distributed to more than 6,000 mosques throughout Malaysia.


If you are interested in participating in PERTIWI’s Education Fund Project, please contact PERTIWI
at +603 7874 4203 or email to pertiwi.malaysia@gmail.com


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