Activities of Members

Learn about the founding members, the ordinary members, and the lifetime members of PERTIWI. You will also find out how to apply for membership and download the PERTIWI form. By becoming a member of PERTIWI, you will be able to participate in various social missions and welfare activities that aim to educate, nurture, and empower women and children.

Like any other organization, PERTIWI organizes various activities, with the aim of fostering and strengthening the ties amongst its members. These activities include:

  • Talks, and goodwill visits and tours
  • Tajwid (Quran recitation) classes
  • High tea functions and lunches
  • Thanksgiving (doa selamat) functions
  • Activities during the month of Ramadhan, such as tadarus and moreh

These activities are arranged by the respective sub-committees, and are held from time to time, depending on the needs and the requests received.