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Pertubuhan Tindakan Wanita Islam (PERTIWI) is a project oriented charitable organisation dedicated towards addressing the welfare and needs of women and children.


Since its formation on 22 September 1967, PERTIWI has played a vital role in providing various forms of assistance. This has included lobbying for women’s rights in Malaysia, educating, nurturing and empowering women, while maintaining their traditional family role. Some of PERTIWI’s social missions and welfare activities include the provision of literacy skills and education awareness seminars, provision of medical aid to remote villages, sponsorships for educating foster children, and the provision of skills training for single mothers, among other programmes. PERTIWI’s activities are run by a central committee and by groups of volunteers from all walks of society. To help extend its reach into the community, PERTIWI commenced its mobile soup kitchen project in 2010 to provide free meals to the hard-core poor and homeless people.

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