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Deutsche Bank partners PERTIWI Soup Kitchen in feeding the homeless


Deutsche Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative is focused on giving back to the communities in which we operate. In Malaysia, Deutsche Bank’s corporate volunteers exemplified this by going out to the streets of Kuala Lumpur city in the evening to distribute food, drinks, towels and other essential items to the homeless community. Feeding homeless and poor destitute families is not a one-off CSR activity but a continuous effort to ensure the helpless are supported with daily staple meal.

In the month of November, the corporate volunteers participated in several rounds of food distribution to homeless people, usually the aged or handicapped with no family support, who will turn up at the designated street corners in the city for freshly packed meals and drinks. Deutsche Bank also sponsored other food items such as cup noodles, snacks, vitamin supplement like cod liver oil capsules, pre-owned clothes, face towels, sandals and other daily essential items to these people.

The number of food packs distributed each evening at two designated locations is estimated at around 700 and increasing. Undeterred by rain, Deutsche Bank volunteers and their family members gathered to help distribute packed food to the homeless who patiently gathered in lines.

Quotes from some of the corporate volunteers:

“It’s heart wrenching to see the elderly and disabled who are no longer able to fend for themselves survive on the goodwill of soup kitchen volunteers like PERTIWI for a staple meal. It makes us treasure our family and appreciate our good fortune!”

“I brought along my family to participate in Deutsche Bank’s CSR activities and this is indeed an eye-opening experience for them as it exposes them to learn to care and share with the less fortunate.”

“Personally, I am very proud be a part of this as it is a worthwhile sacrifice of our Friday evenings to participate in this meaningful CSR activity – distributing food to the less fortunate.”

Source: https://www.db.com/asiapacific/en/content/deutsche_bank_partner_pertiwi_soup_kitchen_in_feeding_the_homeless.html

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